On this site are photos of some of the cakes I have made; have a look around. You will find cakes for birthdays, weddings and holidays, as well as anytime cakes. (Cupcakes too!)
I am no longer making cakes, but this site will remain up for a while for anyone who would like to view it for ideas, reference, etc.














"Grease is the word..."


Custom-made, according to child's instructions
("a picture of a baby in her room in her crib looking out the window to a night time sky")

large birthday cake with a mini personal cake
 (for blowing out a candle)

Artist's Birthday

A really neat design, "Four Seasons of Fun" shows activities the boys enjoy throughout the year.
(This needs a few photos!)

For a Boston Bruins fan

For a girl who enjoys Scooby Doo, her very own "Mystery Machine".

For a Minecraft fan.

 Another "Four Seasons of Fun" cake! (And a few more pictures.)