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Thursday, 6 June 2013

Joe Versus the Volcano Anniversary Cake

Today is our anniversary and I am remembering the cake I made for us last year. The movie "Joe Versus the Volcano" is very special to us, so for our 20th anniversary it seemed only fitting to make it the theme of our cake. And because today is a special day, I am going to indulge in sharing a few pictures of our special "Joe" cake!

If you are a fan of the movie you will recognize all the stuff on this cake, but allow me to point some of it out anyway. In this picture you can see the iconic lightning bolt that recurs throughout the movie on the side of the volcano, which is essentially Wuponi Woo. The number 20 is done to look like Angelica's flibbertigibetty airport sign. The rope around the base of the cake represents the rope Joe used to hold his luggage raft together. The luggage is just visible on the right of the cake, while the big stone Waponi head is just visible on the left. Also here are the face-like factory of Joe's employment and the daisy that managed to live on the path. (phew! That's a lot of stuff on there!)

Gratuitous shot to show the lava in the volcano. Also in this picture you can see the cans of Jump orange soda.

A bit more of Joe's awesome trunks, the Tweedle Dee, and Joe thanking God for his life as the moon rises.
Wow! What a fantastic movie! We will definitely be watching it again tonight.
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